Current digital technologies are fundamentally restructuring standardized models that typify architectural processes from spatial programming through design development and finally building assembly. Since traditional classification of homogeneous space no longer applies in today’s residential and commercial environments, new ideas

of highly flexible more open hybrid environments are needed. Our experience in multiple disciplines allows us to design and implement dynamic and interactive spaces yielding in a more contemporary layered notion of experience to emerge. 


Our expertise with new software offers a potential in streamlining the construction documentation phase as well as the physical fundamentals of building. The ability to export and transfer complex 3D models of structural members, surface panels, details, etc. into 2 dimensional design drawings allows for the capability for rapid prototyping and fabrication. Innovative fabrication techniques via automated manufacturing systems such as laser technology and CNC routing work to satisfy tighter schedules and budgets while maintaining client’s unique design solution.


Studios GO delivers award winning designs while maintaining budget and schedule.

© 2019 Studios GO & Gregory Okshteyn


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